• To endear school children with modern agricultural methods
  • Aid children with learning activities which are in line with the new schools curriculum
  • The permanent availability of clean water for children, school staff and the community at large
  • The school will be able to farm the horticultural products for sale boosting income for the school to use on other projects and creating jobs for the community.
  • Achieve affordable and ‘green’ energy source innovation for better agricultural production.
  • There will be a boost in the food security of the community and the country as a whole throughout the year fostering improved living standards
  • Health of the students, teachers and community is enhanced through eliminating water borne diseases. 

Loan Repayment

The loan is to be paid over a period of three (3) years on a term basis (3 times a year). Repayment of the loan will begin after harvest of the crop and will continue once every term till completion within the stipulated time frame of three (3) years.

Our Components

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Drill Sergeant will use new technology. Its pipes and fittings are of very high standards with very long life spans. Extreme care is taken for casings that are laid with high expertise to ensure your borehole has the high yields hence value for money. Borehole fitting is carried out after siting and a capacity test.

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The solar power system will ensure a constant power source and provide an environmental friendly energy source. The system is cost effective

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A modern irrigation technique that saves on water usage and is more direct when watering the crop. LAND UNDER IRRIGATION